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Joshua J Sheats, MSFS, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CASL, CAP, RHU, REBC is a financial planner who teaches people how to live a rich life now while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less. He mixes creative approaches to lifestyle design, deep-dive financial planning techniques, and hard-core business strategy to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to build financial independence.
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What is a Liberal Education?
What is a Liberal Education?
Why Pursue a Classical Education?

from Climbing Parnassus by Tracy Lee Simmons 

Friday Q&A: Disability Insurance and Unemployment, Worldschooling, Business Privacy

It's Friday! That means live Q&A!

  • 1:45 Do I have to tell my disability insurance company that I'm unemployed?
  • 11:19 How much is a Mexican residency going to cost me?
  • 26:15 Should I take my struggling 13-year-old out of school and go worldschooling instead?
  • 1:00:21 How can I start a private business?
Out & About: Watchman Privacy Podcast (Bitcoin, Financial Privacy, etc.)

I recently appeared on the Watchman Privacy Podcast with Gabriel Custodiet, where we talked in detail about various privacy-related topics. Enjoy!


Who Should Go to College to Get a B.A.?


Houston, TX residents: can you host a traveling friend for a couple of days?

I'm looking for a listener/friend who can host a traveling friend of mine in Houston, TX for a few days while he crates a motorcycle that is being shipped to Venezuela.

Can you help? Please email me at joshua@radicalpersonalfinance.com


(I will remove this post when the need is filled.)

Inside Ukraine: On-The-Ground Lessons Learned

Today, I bring you a report from a humanitarian relief worker on lessons learned from inside Ukraine.


Friday Q&A: 60-day Rollovers, Digital Nomading, Childcare, Cash-Out Refi,
On today's Q&A we cover:
  • 1:38 Can I borrow my retirement money by doing a 60-day rollover?
  • 16:15 How do I become a digital nomad in Europe? (*I mistakenly said "Greece" in this answer when I meant "Cyprus."
  • 40:01 How can we provide awesome childcare at home when we both have full-time jobs?
  • 58:23 Should I do a cash-out refi or take a home equity loan?
  • 1:03:49 How should I do a career change into financial services?
  • 1:17:15 Should I join a startup, especially
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Sale on Private Consultations with Joshua (Limited Time Only)

I'm offering a limited time sale on private consultations before I go on summer break. Valid for the first 50 customers only. Book now at www.ConsultWithJoshua.com 

A Bad Day for Grendel

Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child by Anthony Esolen https://www.amazon.com/Ways-Destroy-Imagination-Your-Child/dp/1610170792 

Joshua's Advice: How to Begin Your Home Education Journey

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer https://www.amazon.com/Well-Trained-Mind-Classical-Education-Fourth/dp/0393253627 

An Inspirational Education Story
Friday Q&A: Target Date Fund Debacle, Making Summer Productive, Medicaid Trust, etc.
On today's live Q&A we cover:
  • 1:05 Should I avoid Target Date Retirement Funds due to the recent Vanguard debacle?
  • 18:37 How can I make my children's summer vacation more productive?
  • 53:38 Should I buy the house I'm living in?
  • 1:00:35 Should I do a 1031 on my commercial property or simply sell it and pay the tax?
  • 1:07:58 Should I have my mom set up a Medicaid Trust?
  • 1:19:54 Can I move my business to Wyoming to save on California taxes?
  • 1:32:03 Help
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From $14k per year to $100M in 7 years: The Taylor Welch Story
The thread: https://twitter.com/taylorawelch/status/1398703076094222337?s=20&t=zNtXYtMS4bmlEaqIdwGZ0A  
How to Respond to Turbulent Markets


How to Avoid Jail/Court for Domestic Disturbance and Underage Relationships (Inspired by the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial)
Friday Q&A: What to Invest In, 5 Months Abroad, Moving From Real Estate to Index Funds, Etc.

On today's Q&A show we cover:

  • 1:16 Should we go abroad for 5 months and have an adventure?
  • 14:04 What should I invest in?
  • 33:25 When would it make sense to move from real estate to index funds?
  • 47:17 Should I leave the job I just got?
  • 1:00:23 What do I need to know to know about traveling with a baby?
  • 1:16:34 Should I invest my old 401k in Bitcoin?
Friday Q&A:
On today's Q&A show we discuss:
  • 1:30 What to do when in Malta?
  • 9:47 How do I get a better life insurance policy after losing weight?
  • 21:56 How do I choose between my current job and a new job offer?
  • 29:50 How to save extra tax money by giving appreciated stock to your church/charity
  • 36:45 I was going to quit my job and take a sabbatical until I saw how bad the economy might get. Should I still quit?
My Hero, Bill Gaither...and the Career and Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Him
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The Future of Bitcoin: Lessons Learned from Bitcoin 2022 Conference
3 of 3: Financial Lessons From the USA
2 of 3: Financial Lessons Learned from Russia


Friday Q&A: Career Change, Whole Life Insurance, Rentals, House Money
It's Friday! Today we do live Q&A:
  • 1:45 How can I do a fast career change and pay off my credit card debt quickly?
  • 23:07 Help my understand my life insurance options for my children.
  • 1:09:21 Should I buy a non-cash-flowing rental property?
  • 1:17:19 How can I invest my house savings money?




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1 of 3: Financial Lessons Learned from Ukraine



My New Bitcoin Privacy Course
Your Right to Transact Financially with Others is a Human Right...And It's In Danger

You have a fundamental human right as a free man to financially transact with others. And today, that right is in danger.


BONUS EPISODE: Strategic Background on the Conflict with Russia, Ukraine, and the West

Today's episode is a bit off topic from the mission of Radical Personal Finance. It's the kind of episode I've frequently deleted in the past, but that I have heard from my audience that some may enjoy.

In today's episode I spend some time digging into the strategic history of Russia/Ukraine position in order to understand where things are and where they may go.


More personal finance content soon!


50 Years Ago It Was Illegal for Americans to Own Gold Coins or Bullion (yes, really)

50 years ago it was illegal for Americans to own more than 5 oz of gold coins or gold bullion. Yes, really.

Today, I want to explain this little-known history and talk about whether it may repeat in the future.


A Sobering Discussion of How Things Could Get Much Worse for You and Me in Days to Come

In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I've been considering how you and I (not being in Ukraine or Russia) could be affected in days to come.

Here's a rather sobering discussion from me covering some of the possibilities.

Protect Yourself and Your Family By Believing That Bad Things Happen

In light of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, we need to pay careful to the lessons we can learn from the pain that our fellow humans are experiencing.

Today's lesson: believe that bad things can happen. To you.


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