How to Cancel Breeze Airways Flight?

Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy. 

For multiple issues and services, you can go through the airline’s cancellation policy which shall help you learn if cancellation is possible or not. There are certain rules and regulations of Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation that must be well learned. These are as follows: 

With a reservation made at least seven days before the flight’s departure, the cancellation can be made within 24 hours of the purchase, and there shall be no extra charge applied. The 24-hour umbrella is applicable for all ticket types.  

In the situation when the booking is an elite class reservation or if the flight booked is premium or business class, then cancellation can be made at any time. There shall be zero cancellation charges.

If the flight is canceled due to any medical emergency, you can provide the related medical documents and levy the cancellation charges. 

In the situation where the airline cancels a flight due to an emergency, you are liable to get a cancellation free of cost, or the airline might book another ticket on your behalf. 

If booked through a third party or a travel agent, reach the same for the cancellation. 


Breeze Airways Cancellation Process. 

When unable to travel, you can go through to  Cancel Breeze Airways flight ticket by following the processes below. You can go through the given steps below, which define the procedure. The process to get the ticket canceled is as follows: 

Visit Breeze Airwyas’ official website,

Got to my trip section and, using the last name of the passenger and booking reference number, retrieved the booking. 

On the airline's booking summary page, tap on the menu icon list and click on the cancel option. 

You will then be taken to provide a reason for cancellation and proceed with the process to cancel.

Other than going through the cancellation using the online process, you can also cancel by calling the customer service team of Breeze Airwyas and then get to cancel the booked ticket. Dial Breeze Airways toll-free number and connect with an agent for the help required. 

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