19 Places To Get Paid To Test Products: Easy Cash At Home

19 Places To Get Paid To Test Products: Easy Cash At Home

How would you like to get paid to test everything from food and beverages to beauty products and electronics? It's hard to avoid scam sites if you're new to product testing, but we have researched and earned cash from many companies to give you the real options. We've got an honest list of safe and profitable places where you get paid to test products.get paid to test products Smiling young woman sitting on sofa and testing new lotion for care of her faceget paid to test products Smiling young woman sitting on sofa and testing new lotion for care of her faceThis article may contain links from our partners. Please read how we make money for more info.

You can easily get paid to test products with gig apps like Swagbucks, Lifepoints, and InboxDollars, and they’re only the tip of the iceberg for great product testing sites.

Most sites on our list pay cash instantly for your opinions on products, and you can even get free Amazon gift cards for your time.

Read on and start earning cash today by signing up for one of these 19 product testing sites:

Table of Contents

  • Quick Picks: Fast Money-Making
  • 19 Places To Get Paid To Test Products
  • 1. Swagbucks
  • 2. Lifepoints
  • 3. Pinecone Research
  • 4. Product Testing USA
  • 5. Toluna
  • 6. PrizeRebel
  • 7. American Consumer Opinion
  • 8. Survey Junkie
  • 9. InboxDollars
  • 10. UserTesting.com
  • 11. i-Say
  • 12. Homescan
  • 13. Beta Testing
  • 14. Influenster
  • 15. BzzAgent
  • 16. SheSpeaks
  • 17. Valued Opinions
  • 18. Johnson & Johnson
  • 19. Homeschool.com
  • FAQs: Product Testing
  • How much money can I make as a product tester?
  • How can I become a product tester?
  • How do I get paid to test products?
  • What products would I be testing?
  • Key Takeaways
  • Quick Picks: Fast Money-Making

    You don’t need professional financial advice to tell you that you need more cash for the things you like and want to do.

    So why not do something simple in your free time and get free money? Participating in a consumer product testing program is a great side hustle if you want to make extra cash.

    Here are the tops picks for us for reputable companies that pay cash quickly and easily:

  • Best Overall (Testing Products & More!): Swagbucks
  • Quickest Payout: InboxDollars
  • Most Free Products: Product Testing USA
  • 19 Places To Get Paid To Test Products

    1. Swagbucks

    How does swagbucks workHow does swagbucks work

    Swagbucks is a website that gives members the chance to test some products, receive free samples, take online surveys, and find deals.

    The website offers a variety of other ways to earn Swagbucks, such as completing online surveys, watching videos, and shopping online, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

    Whether you’re looking for ways to save money from online stores or earn some extra cash with product testing, Swagbucks is worth checking out.

    Check out our Swagbucks Review to learn more about why we like Swagbucks!

    2. Lifepoints

    Want to earn extra cash by sharing your opinions on the products and services you use every day?

    Lifepoints is a website that encourages people to share their opinions on various topics. In exchange for their feedback, members earn points that can be traded in for gift cards or cash.

    You can try out a product for free, providing companies with actual-world feedback on new items. If you like getting stuff for free, this is a wonderful bonus.

    The more active a member is, the more points they can earn. Plus, it’s free to join and easy to get started. So why not sign up today and start earning points?

    3. Pinecone Research

    Pinecone Research is one of the most well-known and respected companies in the product testing industry.

    They have a long history of working with major corporations to test new products before being released to the general public. 

    People receive points from Pinecone Research studies that you can use towards cash, gift cards, or brand-name merchandise in exchange for completing questionnaires about the products.

    You’ll also be entered into prize drawings for each survey you complete, giving you even more chances to win other freebies from Pinecone Research. 

    4. Product Testing USA

    products testing usa homepageproducts testing usa homepage

    Looking for a way to test out the latest and greatest products before anyone else? Product Testing USA might be just what you’re looking for.

    They offer a wide range of expensive products, from Xboxes and FitBits to iPads, that you can test out and keep instead of receiving cash for your opinion.

    Product Testing USA requires separate accounts to test the products and receive free items for each product. You can use auto-fill or sign up by using your Facebook account. Then you write a 500-word review, make a video using the product, and add plus some photos. 

    5. Toluna

    Toluna partners with major brands and companies to provide feedback on their products and services. In exchange for your feedback in online discussion forums, you earn some points that can be redeemed for cash or prizes.

    You can apply to test particular products, and if you’re chosen, you’ll get to keep the product in exchange for sharing your thoughts about it via a short survey.

    There’s no guarantee that you’ll be selected as a tester, but it’s definitely worth applying and getting free stuff when you can.

    And even if you don’t get chosen to test a particular product, there are still plenty of other ways to earn rewards on Toluna, like completing surveys and participating in online discussions.

    6. PrizeRebel

    PrizeRebel is a get paid to (GPT) platform that occasionally offers product tester jobs where you can receive rewards for reviews but has plenty of other options to get paid for small tasks.

    As a product tester, you would provide honest feedback about your test products. In exchange for your time and effort, you would receive rewards such as points, gift cards, or cash.

    While the opportunity for making money testing products is not always available, it is worth checking out PrizeRebel if you are interested in becoming a product tester.

    With PrizeRebel, you can easily earn rewards for doing something you already enjoy – trying out new products!

    7. American Consumer Opinion

    The American Consumer Opinion company is a market research company that specializes in product testing and surveys.

    As a member of the American Consumer Opinion Panel, you’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts on various topics, including advertising campaigns, new products, and more.

    In addition to providing your opinions, you’ll also be able to earn rewards for participating in surveys and other activities.

    After you accumulate 1,000 points, you can cash out via PayPal, but you also can give to a charity or participate in sweepstakes with your points.

    8. Survey Junkie

    If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, you may consider signing up for Survey Junkie. With over 3 million members, Survey Junkie is one of the largest market research companies in the world.

    The company offers product tester jobs to its members from time to time. As a product tester, you would evaluate new products and provide feedback to the company.

    To be eligible to participate in Survey Junkie market surveys, you must first register and create an account. You must also provide your demographic information in the same way as when signing up to complete surveys. 

    Although paid product tester opportunities are uncommon on this site, you may make up to $150. In addition, you may use your funds for gift cards or PayPal redemptions.

    Check out our Survey Junkie Review for more information about this market research firm!

    9. InboxDollars

    InboxDollars is a company that pays people to test products and services. The company is free to join, and you can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, and trying new products.

    When you sign up for InboxDollars, you will be able to see exactly how much cash or points you get by testing products and services in the dashboard- it’s all clear so you’re never wasting time if you want to focus on more earnings.

    More of InboxDollars’ offerings are surveys versus getting actual products to test, so you’ll want a different option if you want freebie samples or products. But it’s an excellent app for earning quick money, just providing info on stuff you’ve used.

    You can find out more about this great way to earn extra cash with InboxDollars in our review!

    10. UserTesting.com

    UserTesting is a website where people can sign up to test websites and give feedback on their user experience. While testing websites, paying attention to the little details is essential to provide accurate feedback.

    For example, UserTesting asks testers to rate how easy it is to find information on a website, whether the navigation is intuitive, and if the overall design is appealing. Testers are also asked to provide verbal feedback on their experience.

    By paying close attention to the details and providing honest feedback, testers can help improve the user experience for everyone. In return for their time and effort, UserTesting pays its testers cash for each completed test.

    So if you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money and help make the internet a better place, submit a sample test to join UserTesting today.

    11. i-Say

    Sharing your opinion on different topics on i-Say can earn you extra cash and prizes.

    i-Say is a market research company that offers paid surveys and opportunities to test and review products. It is one of the most popular survey panels, with over 3 million members worldwide.

    Members of i-Say can earn some points for taking online surveys, which can be redeemed for cash or prizes. Additionally, members can also participate in product testing and reviews, providing valuable feedback to manufacturers.

    12. Homescan

    Homescan is a sub-brand of Nielsen (National Consumer Panel) that allows you to test products and earn rewards. You need to register online and provide some basic information about yourself to participate.

    Once you’re registered, you’ll start receiving invitations to participate in surveys and product testing opportunities.

    As you complete surveys and product tests, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for various rewards, including gift cards and sweepstakes entries.

    Sadly they don’t offer cash options or deposits top your PayPal account, but they have many gift card options, so we don’t find it too restricting for rewards.

    Homescan also offers a unique way to earn more points that isn’t just surveys on products- you can get a handheld scanner or use the app to scan items you buy!

    13. Beta Testing

    If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash, you might want to consider BetaTesting. BetaTesting is a site that pays users $10 per assessment to collect quality feedback for software companies testing tech products.

    The feedback collected through BetaTesting is vital for ensuring that software companies can deliver products that meet the needs of their customers. 

    All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you can start earning money right away. Payment is made via PayPal, so you’ll need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

    Once you’ve signed up, simply complete the reviews and provide honest feedback. BetaTesting is a great way to earn some extra money, and it’s also a great way to help support the development of new software products. 

    14. Influenster

    Do you want to try out new products without spending any money? Then, Influenster is the perfect solution.

    The company works with various brands, and it offers a wide range of products, from makeup to food. Basically, the company sends free products to its members for their honest opinions.

    This is a great way to discover new products that you might not have otherwise tried, and it’s also a great way to save money. Plus, it’s fun to give your opinion on the latest products and trends.

    15. BzzAgent

    BzzAgent is a company that sends people free products to try in exchange for their feedback. To become a BzzAgent, you must first sign up and answer some surveys.

    Based on your answers, the company will decide if you’re a good fit for their program. If they decide you’re part of the target market for some products, you’ll receive a BzzKit with the free samples they want you to try.

    It can be a mix of different brands, like food or grocery items, beauty brands, and more.

    The mix isn’t the same each time, of course, but it’s stuff you can use and give good feedback on, hence the survey for signing up.

    Once you’ve completed the testing period and checked out their products, you’ll need to write reviews and share your experiences with others and a photo on your social media account.

    In exchange for your feedback, you’ll get to keep the products you’ve tried.

    16. SheSpeaks

    SheSpeaks is a website where women can sign up to receive free products to review. Once you create an account, you can take surveys to share your opinion on various topics. Based on your answers, SheSpeaks will match you with products that might be a good fit for you.

    If you’re selected to participate in a campaign, you’ll be sent the product for free and asked to write a review. You can also choose to participate in other activities, such as sharing photos or videos of the product.

    17. Valued Opinions

    Valued Opinions is a popular paid survey site that offers surveys in several languages. Surveys are typically short, and topics can range from product preferences to current events.

    In addition to surveys, Valued Opinions also offers product testing opportunities and giveaways. Testers are typically sent products to try at home, and they may be asked to complete a survey about the product afterward.

    Giveaways are open to all members, and prize draws are held regularly. To join, simply create an account and start taking surveys.

    You’ll earn points for each survey you complete, which can be redeemed for cash or prizes. So why not join today and start earning rewards?

    18. Johnson & Johnson

    Johnson & Johnson is one of the world’s largest and most well-known companies, with a presence in over 175 countries, so there’s no doubt they’ll have paid user testing!

    The company manufactures a wide range of products, from beauty products and skincare items to baby products and over-the-counter medications.

    In recent years, Johnson & Johnson has been offering paid testing opportunities to consumers through its JJ Friends & Neighbors website.

    To become a tester in their testing program, simply register on the website and provide your contact information.

    Once you’re registered, you’ll be eligible to receive free products in the mail to test out. After trying out the product, you may be asked to fill out a short survey, participate in panels and focus groups, or a discussion group about your experience using the product.

    In exchange for your feedback, you’ll receive compensation of $5 to $250 for each product you test.

    19. Homeschool.com


    If you’re thinking about homeschooling your children, or if you’re already homeschooling and looking for resources, Homeschool.com is a great place to start. The site offers many free resources, including a sample curriculum, lesson plans, and printables.

    Homeschool.com doesn’t create books or products without input from its Product Testers. This group of dedicated homeschoolers helps develop new products and content for the site, and in return, they receive free books, kits, and Special Reports. 

    There is a signup page on their site, but it does not give any information about what criteria they are looking for in product testers. You can sign up to be a tester via the signup page or the Homeschool.com Facebook group.

    FAQs: Product Testing

    How much money can I make as a product tester?

    cash back apps money from phone Technology online banking money transfer, e-commerce concept. Happy young woman using smartphone with dollar bills flying away from screen isolated on gray wall backgroundcash back apps money from phone Technology online banking money transfer, e-commerce concept. Happy young woman using smartphone with dollar bills flying away from screen isolated on gray wall background

    As a tester, you may make money testing products for leading brands in various ways, including cash, gift cards, or products.

    The amount you’re paid typically depends on the product being tested and the product testing companies conducting the test.

    Answering surveys about products can earn you $1 – $5, but other companies pay you over $50 to test products.

    Also, check the payment methods if you want cash versus gift cards or free products for pilot testing.

    How can I become a product tester?

    survey junkie screenshotsurvey junkie screenshot

    You can find opportunities to test products by searching online or signing up with market research firms that offer product testing websites.

    Once you’ve found the product testing website you’re interested in, simply create an account and provide your contact information.

    You may be asked to complete a short survey or provide additional information about yourself before you can start testing products.

    Here’s a quick list of the best sites that pay you for product testing:

  • Swagbucks
  • InboxDollars
  • Lifepoints
  • Survey Junkie
  • Pinecone Research
  • Product Testing USA
  • How do I get paid to test products?

    Swagbucks Surveys 1Swagbucks Surveys 1

    Product testers can be paid in cash, gift cards, or products for their honest reviews. Some product testing panels will allow you to choose how you would like to be compensated, while others will only offer one payment method.

    Whatever you pick, cash and cards are usually sent to you electronically. If you are paid with free samples or full-size products, the product will be shipped to your home for you to keep.

    Some companies will allow you to keep the product after testing it, while others ask that you return it after a few weeks, so check the offering to see what sort of opportunity you’re being offered.

    What products would I be testing?

    woman vacuuming hardwood floorwoman vacuuming hardwood floor

    You may be asked to test various products, including food products and beverages, free beauty products, electronics, and more.

    The type of product you’re asked to test will depend on the product testing companies conducting the test and your answers to your profile questions.

    Your demographic will help cater products to you a bit better, so answer them well- like if you’re not a parent, you won’t be sent freebies for kids’ snacks or baby products, and they’ll send you stuff for things that you’re more likely to use.

    Key Takeaways

    product testingproduct testing

    Paid product testing gigs are easy ways to make extra cash with your phone. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a willingness to try new products.

    You can find plenty of paid product testing opportunities through Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Lifepoints, and more- and many product testing sites will pay you in cash, gift cards, or free products.

    A little bit of work is worth making free money and gift cards for extra spending money, so become a product tester today and see how much you’ll earn!

    FREE $10 Sign Up Bonus SwagbucksSwagbucks Swagbucks

    Start sharing your opinion, earn points, and cash them out for free gift cards or cash today! Get your free $10 sign-up bonus!

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