Mapping Your Business’ Process of Selling – Decentralizing

If you’re preparing to sell your business, one of the most important things you can do is remove yourself from it. Although this may feel wrong to many business owners, decentralization is the only way to make your company transferable and scalable. Being the primary “salesperson” in your business was fine in the beginning. But now that it’s grown, you must allow your team to take over the daily operations so you can work on increasing its value. But how do you ensure your team follows your exact sales process when there may be steps, you’re performing at a subconscious level? Join me as I explore how mapping your sales process can help you decentralize yourself from your business. Follow Along With The Financially Simple Podcast!  TOPIC INDEX: – Decentralization: Mapping Your Sales Process – The Tug O’War of Business – Letting Go of the Ropes – Defining the […]

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