Gretchen’s $10.06 Walmart Pickup Order!

There are several great Ibotta offers at Walmart right now so I placed an online pickup order and scored amazing deals. Please note that offers vary by account so you may not have all these offers in your Ibotta app.

Walmart Pickup Order

15 Oikos Greek Yogurts – $1.06 eachUsed $10/$15 Ibotta rebate

2 Five Star Notebooks – Marked down to $0.98 eachUsed $1/2 Ibotta rebate

1 Quaker Puffed Granola Cereal – $4.98Used $5.93 Ibotta rebate

3 ZOA Energy Drinks – $2.28 eachUsed 3 $1.45/1 Ibotta rebates

2 Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Poppables – $3.88 eachUsed 2 $3/1 Ibotta rebates

1 Natean Clean Toothpaste – $5.97Used $5.97/1 Ibotta rebate

Used $0.10 Ibotta rebate for any receipt

Total for all items before cash back: $43.41Total for all items after cash back: $10.06

Have you gotten any great deals at Walmart recently?

Gretchen’s $10.06 Walmart Pickup Order!