Top 8 Accounting Books of 2022

In order to make sure that your finances are on the point, whether you are a CPA, a bookkeeper, or a business owner, accounting books can help you. As it is clear, sharp accounting skills stemming from financial literacy are key elements to pave the way towards your success in the business world. Being available so many accounting books out there, here the best ones are introduced in a concise and useful manner. They are both practical and readable. Hope you may find it useful!

1- Accounting All-in-One for Dummies

This book is considered the best overall since it is the most reader-friendly and comprehensive book. In fact, this book is technically nine mini-books in one! 

2- Accounting for the Numberphobic

This book is the best for small business owners, especially the ones trying to avoid accounting at all costs. Accounting for the Numberphobic covers the most important parts of accounting related to your business such as the balance sheet or income statement.

3- Tax Savvy for Small Business

If you are seeking more knowledge about taxes, this book will meet your demands. Tax Savvy for Small Business will guide you through tax planning. Therefore, it can help you protect your bottom line.

4- Profit First

This is the best book for entrepreneurs. Profit first will make you become a money-making machine instead of being a cash-eating monster as it is a part business strategy, part accounting book. 

5- Accounting Best Practices

If you are an accountant, this book might be the best for you. Accounting Best Practices is provided by a financial expert in order to make you understand accurate accounting. This book includes advanced techniques because it assumes that you have the accounting knowledge in advance! So, it is a good resource to have by your side.

6- The Accounting Game

Best choice for beginners! It is a simple but genius accounting book as it uses childhood business ventures as examples to teach you the basics of accounting.

7- Warren Buffett Accounting Book

Do you know warren buffet? So, yes, your guess is right! This is the best book for investors. The main point of this book is to teach you how to determine the value of a company using different methods.

8- Accounting Made Simple

This book is the best for self-employed individuals. In this book, the author breaks down everything to make you understand the concepts of accounting by providing you with helpful examples.

Top 8 Accounting Books of 2022