Which Are The Most Stunning French Polynesian Islands? Find Out Here

Spread over an area of 2000 kilometers; the French Polynesian Islands are no less than heaven. Who does not want to spend time in paradise? If you also plan for a trip to heaven, then make plans for the French Polynesian Islands.

Spending time on the sandy beaches with crystal clear water is a dream come true. Furthermore, planning a trip to these islands makes it possible for travelers to live the most amazing days of their life. 

Let's get to know about these islands and plan for your trip to these incredible places.

5 Best French Polynesian Islands

No words are enough to describe the beauty of these islands. If you want to plan a vacation that is filled with surreal sunset views, pink skies, and blue water, then there isn't a better option. 

Keep reading to learn about the Best French Polynesian Islands. 

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Bora Bora 

Bora bora is a famous island and popular among couples. You must have come across various views of Bora bora on your Instagram reels. Didn't you feel like heading to that paradise right away? Moreover, if you are newly married and looking for a unique yet adventurous place, this is the option. Get ready to have a trip loaded with romance and beautiful days. 

You can even take part in various activities on this island. Some of these include snorkeling, diving, parasailing, and hiking. 


Raiatea is a UNESCO heritage site, which is definitely worth visiting. All those who want to see and explore the most ancient temples wish to get lost in the greenery, for them, this is the best island. Furthermore, go hiking when you are here and capture the most breathtaking views on your phone. Keep these memories alive with you for the rest of your life. Reach the top of the trail by seeing the variety of flora and fauna and enjoying the beauty of rainforests. 


The island with white sand beaches makes it possible for travelers to spend the most relaxing and rejuvenating days of their life. Furthermore, you can enjoy the scenic views by taking a drive around this place. 

In the past, this island was home to royal families. So, you can even see the ancient temples of those times near the coastline of Lake Maeva. In addition, the mountains surrounding these temples offer even more astonishing views. 

Tahiti Island 

Being the capital of French Polynesian, this is one of the busiest and most crowded islands. However, one can do so many fun and adventurous activities here. So, one must make their trip the best one by enjoying these activities. Those who are fans of the artwork of renowned artist, Painter Gaugin, can witness his paintings here. 

Moreover, the locals of this place are very friendly. So, join them and enjoy their culture, talk to them, and have an enjoyable time. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip soon and live the best days. 

Which Are The Most Stunning French Polynesian Islands? Find Out Here