Prepare for the Next Crisis Using Business Revenue

It’s been said that the Great Depression produced more millionaires than any other time in history. Similarly, the BBC has reported that millions of people became millionaires during the Covid pandemic. But how is it that while so many people were suffering, standing in soup lines, or having their businesses shut down, so many others have found unprecedented prosperity? It all comes down to positioning. In today’s entry, I’m going to share my cash flow philosophy and how you could be using business revenue to prepare for the next crisis. Follow Along With The Financially Simple Podcast!  TIME INDEX: 00:42 – How to Use Your Business’s Revenue to Prepare to Maximize the Next Crisis 04:01 – Positioning 05:46 – Handling Company Cashflow 08:12 – Cover Expenses 09:35 – Home Emergency Fund 11:27 – Operational Expenses 14:48 – Line of Credit 16:33 – Receive Retirement Plan Match 17:26 – Fully […]

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