What is an American Airlines Voucher?

Traveling with American Airlines can become even more rewarding when you have an American Airlines voucher. These vouchers can be a convenient way to save money or get additional benefits on your next trip. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into everything you need to know about American Airlines vouchers, including how to obtain, use, redeem, and understand their validity and transferability.

What is an American Airlines Voucher?

An American Airlines voucher is essentially a credit that can be used towards future travel or services with American Airlines. These vouchers come in various forms, such as travel vouchers, meal vouchers, flight vouchers, and vouchers for delayed flights. They are often issued as compensation for inconveniences, promotional offers, or through the airline's loyalty programs.

Obtaining an American Airlines VoucherCancellations and Delays

If your flight is cancelled or significantly delayed, American Airlines may issue a voucher as compensation. This can include flight vouchers or meal vouchers, depending on the circumstances.

Customer Service Issues

In some cases, vouchers are provided as a goodwill gesture for customer service issues experienced during your travels.

Using Your American Airlines VoucherBooking Flights

American Airlines travel and flight vouchers can be used towards booking new flights. When booking online or through a customer service representative, you can apply your voucher to reduce the cost of your ticket.

In-flight Services

For in-flight conveniences like meals or beverages, American airline food vouchers come in handy. Present these vouchers on board to avail of the services.

Redeeming an American Airlines Voucher

To redeem your voucher, you can either enter the voucher details online while booking a flight or present it at the airport. For online redemption, input the voucher number at the payment step. For airport redemption, show your voucher at the check-in or ticketing counter.

Where to Use American Airlines Vouchers

American Airlines vouchers are typically valid for services offered directly by the airline. This includes:

  • Flight bookings
  • In-flight meals and services
  • Additional baggage fees
  • Seat upgrades
Validity of American Airlines Vouchers

The duration for which an American Airlines voucher remains valid varies. Typically, travel vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue. Always check the specific terms and conditions mentioned on your voucher.

Compensation for Cancelled Flights

If your flight with American Airlines is cancelled, you might be eligible for a voucher or credit as part of the compensation. This depends on the reason for cancellation and the airline's policies at the time.

Transferability of Vouchers

American Airlines vouchers are generally non-transferable. This means they can only be used by the person whose name appears on the voucher. However, always check the specific terms of your voucher as exceptions may apply.

Checking Your Voucher Balance

To check the balance of your American Airlines voucher, you can contact the airline’s customer service or check online by entering your voucher details on the American Airlines website.

Extension of Voucher Validity

In some cases, American Airlines may allow for an extension of the voucher's validity. This typically requires contacting customer service and is subject to their discretion and current policies.

Refunding Vouchers

American Airlines refund vouchers are issued when a previously booked flight is cancelled and refunded. The terms for using these vouchers are similar to regular travel vouchers.


American Airlines vouchers are a great way to enhance your travel experience. Whether it's through compensation for travel disruptions, rewards for loyalty, or as part of a promotion, these vouchers can provide significant savings and conveniences.

What is an American Airlines Voucher?