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Our team consists of a wide variety of subject matter experts, finance journalists, and financial professionals, including CPAs, real estate investors, and business owners. In addition to conducting thorough research and analysis, they bring real-world perspectives from many backgrounds, enabling them to translate complex financial topics in an easy-to-understand way.

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What Is a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution)?
What Is a Community Development Financial Institution? Community Development Financial Institutions are banks and credit unions that serve people and small businesses that mainstream financial institutions tend to overlook. Modern CDFIs owe their existence to the Riegle Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994, a landmark law that authorized the creation of the Community Development Financial Institution Fund. To be eligible, they must meet all the following criteria: Be a financing entity... more
Acorns Vs. Robinhood Differences – Which Is Better for Your Investments?
Acorns Investment Options The Acorns app was developed as a robo-advisor that makes investing as easy as possible. Acorns Account Types The Acorns app has three different investment account types. Acorns Invest is the taxable investment account at Acorns. Automated investing is a popular feature with multiple investment apps, but how do Acorns and Robinhood compare in this area? Acorns Automated Investing Acorns is a robo-advisor. Acorns Children's Investment Services The Acorns Early account is a custodial... more
The 9 Most Famous Money-Laundering Examples of the Past 50 Years
Some people credit Al Capone, the most notorious gangster of the 20th century, with inventing the term'money laundering' Many large banks — and at least one national government — have been involved in money-laundering cases. This list covers some of the most significant cases of the last 50 years: the actors involved, the criminal activities they shielded, and the consequences they faced. Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendations. For $79 (or just £1.52 per week, join more than 1 million members and don’t... more
BlockFi Review – Borrow Against Your Crypto Holdings

BlockFi is a crypto lending platform that allows users to deposit or purchase cryptocurrency, and borrow against their holdings. It also offers a simple cryptocurrency exchange and a crypto wallet for storing your crypto. Learn the pros and cons of BlockFi and whether it’s right for you.

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11 Best Recession-Proof Business Ideas to Start

If America is headed for a recession, tapping into your expertise to start a recession-proof business can help you weather the storm. Learn about the types of businesses that hold up best during economic downturns.

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Wells Fargo Personal Loans Review – The Best Way to Borrow Money?

Wells Fargo personal loans are unsecured installment loans well-qualified borrowers can use for various purposes. But is a Wells Fargo personal loan the best choice for your needs?

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How to Invest Money in Your 50s for a Healthy Retirement Portfolio

In your 50s, you start to see retirement on the horizon. Hopefully that’s exciting, but if you look at your retirement savings and feel more grim than giddy, you still have enough time to build up that nest egg. Learn how to invest in your 50s and what special factors to consider.

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Steadily Landlord Insurance Review – Key Features, Pros and Cons
Key Features of Steadily Landlord Insurance Steadily is an insurance company that's all about property insurance. You won't find auto insurance or health insurance here, and though Steadily does offer renters insurance and homeowners insurance policies, it doesn't market them - you wouldn't even know they exist from looking at Steadily's website. Property Types Covered by Steadily Landlord Insurance Steadily offers landlord insurance on various property types: Single-family homesSmall multifamily propertiesApartment... more
How to Budget for Home Renovations – 5 Steps to Create a Spending Plan

Home renovations can get expensive quickly. That’s why it’s essential to map out a budget you can stick to before jumping in.

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5 Best Growth Stocks to Buy Right Now (2022)

Growth investors have been hardest hit by this year’s stock market slump. But are there any growth companies that represent a strong investment opportunity right now? Learn about the best growth stocks to buy today that have the potential to generate significant long-run gains.

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The Best Airline Credit Cards for Flights, Miles, and Rewards in 2022

Many frequent travelers enjoy airline rewards from their credit cards. Many major U.S. airlines have at least one branded credit card that rewards loyal customers with free or discounted flights and a host of other perks. Learn about the best airline credit cards on the market right now.

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The 6 Best Investment Tracking Apps for Portfolio Management in 2022

An investment tracking app can help you keep close tabs on your investments and account balances, but not all are created equal. Learn about the best investment tracking apps to consider today.

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How to Invest Money in Your 40s – 5 Tips to Maximize Retirement Wealth

They say that 40 is the “old age of youth,” and 50 is “the youth of old age.” No wonder so many 40-somethings go through a midlife crisis. 

So how do you navigate this transitional decade financially? How do you invest for maximum results and minimum risk and taxes?

Glad you asked. Successful 40-something investors tend to have some things in common.

How to Invest Money in Your 40s

Investing in the middle of your career brings

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Pump-and-Dump — Definition & How to Avoid This Stock Market Scheme

Despite stock market regulations designed to protect people, bad actors still try to steal from investors using what is called a pump-and-dump scheme. Read on to learn what a pump-and-dump scheme is and how you can avoid being taken — and what you can do if you identify a fraudster at work.

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8 Best Small-Cap ETFs to Buy in 2022

Choosing individual small-cap stocks can be risky, but many investors find simplicity and safety in diversified small-cap exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Here are some of the best to consider if you’re looking to add exposure to these smaller companies with plenty of room to grow.

The post 8 Best Small-Cap ETFs to Buy in 2022 appeared first on Money

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Series I Savings Bonds – What They Are and How to Buy Them

The financial crisis of the late 2000s may be an increasingly distant memory, but it has left a persistent legacy: stubbornly low interest rates on low-risk, low-reward investment vehicles. Rates on savings accounts, money market funds and government bonds remain at or below the rate of inflation. Of course, interest rates on consumer-facing mortgages and auto loans remain historically low as well. Many economists believe that the American economy wouldn’t be doing nearly as well without this tailwind.


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10 Best Private Student Loan Companies of 2022

While federal student loans tend to have the lowest interest rates and most repayment options, they also have caps on the total amount you can borrow every year.

If you need more money for school, you may have to resort to private student loans, which don’t have the same borrower protections federal loans have. That’s why it pays to step back, consider your financial needs, and choose the best private student loan company for your needs.


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16 Best Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

My first jobs were not high-paying jobs. Not by a long shot. I earned a couple of quarters above minimum wage as a part-time usher at a small movie house. Then, I was a cashier at the supermarket across the street, earning $2 above minimum wage.

I still think fondly of my time at the supermarket. It taught me that not all part-time jobs are thankless, tedious affairs made worse by pitiful pay. Subsequent workplace experiences solidified this conviction. For instance, I now know what it’s like

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7 Best Student Loan Refinance Companies – Reviews & Comparison

At first glance, all student loan refinance lenders look a lot alike. But once you delve into the details, multiple differences in their loan features can make a significant difference in how easy it is to get or pay off the loan.

For example, some offer cosigner release, allowing you to take full financial responsibility for your loan after a series of on-time payments — an attractive feature for reluctant cosigners. Others allow you to combine loans with your spouse to get a single lower monthly

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How to Get a Mortgage Loan if You’re Self-Employed With Fluctuating Income

I have been self-employed for a dozen years, and I love the flexibility and freedom of my schedule — setting my hours and being the boss. But one of the biggest challenges is applying for a mortgage. 

I’ve gotten a mortgage once and refinanced twice, but I was armed with more paperwork than my spouse or any other traditional W-2 employee. I needed to be extra patient and prepared for lenders to ask about differences from year to year. I had to explain why my income changed or my expenses increased. 


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5 Types of Investment Accounts – Popular Options & How They’re Different
Find out why and which ones below! Types of Investment Accounts Most brokerages offer a wide range of different account types. Employer-Sponsored Retirement Savings Accounts Retirement savings accounts are tax-advantaged investment accounts designed to incentivize investors to plan for their retirements. If you withdraw non-contribution funding from the account before you're 59 ½, you will have to pay income tax on the non-contribution funding portion of the withdrawal plus a 10% fine imposed by the IRS. Once... more
Cash App Crypto Review – How Does It Stack Up for Bitcoin Trading?

Cash App is one of the most popular personal finance apps available today. The platform was launched by Square (now Block) in 2013 as a peer-to-peer payment app. Since then, it has grown to become much more. 

By 2018, the company enabled Bitcoin trading on the app. Today, the company generates billions of dollars per year in cryptocurrency trading fees as a popular place to buy and sell Bitcoin.

However, popular options aren’t always the best options. How does Cash App crypto trading stack

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The 8 Best Stock Investing and Trading Podcasts

If you want to build wealth in financial markets, education plays a big role. You don’t necessarily have to go to college to learn how to invest, but it’s wise to learn how the market works and stay up to date so you don’t miss news that causes moves. 

Podcasts are one of the most entertaining ways to do that. 

There are several podcasts focused on investing and trading, each with its own personality and way of looking at financial markets. But what are the best investing podcasts

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No-Load Mutual Funds – What Is This No Transaction Fee Investment?
Get Priority Access No-load funds can be passively managed index funds or actively managed funds. How No-Load Mutual Funds Work Like all mutual funds, no-load mutual funds collect investments from a large number of investors and use the money they've collected to invest according to their prospectus. A fund with a 1% expense ratio charges investors 1% of their balance in the fund per year to cover management fees and other fund expenses. T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund The T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund is... more Review – How Does This Crytpo Exchange Stack Up?
In addition to standard crypto trading, users can buy, sell or mint non-fungible tokens on the NFT marketplace, access margin trading for up to 10x leverage, trade crypto derivatives with options and futures trading, and even pay with crypto using the VISA debit card. 30 0.29% per transaction plus trading feesWire transferFree deposits, free withdrawal per week$25 per additional withdrawalCrypto tradingUp to 0.10% / 0.40%NFT fees2% seller's fee$3 to mint a new NFT Trading Fees uses a maker-taker... more
24 Companies That Pay Off Student Loan Debt (as an Employee Job Perk)
If you're on the hunt for a new position and you're struggling with student loan debt, start your search with a company offering to help you pay off your student loans. Rather it's an online educational resource and marketplace that helps borrowers compare and learn about loan options, including those for private student loans, student loan refinancing, personal loans, mortgages, and credit cards. Its student loan assistance program repays the lesser of $500 per month or the total required monthly payment on... more
How to Invest Money in Your 30s – 5 Financial Priorities for Building Wealth

If your 20s see you vacillating between elation and insecurity, fun and the constant effort to prove your success, then your 30s tend to bring more stability, confidence, and direction. And the more money you save and invest, the faster you’ll achieve those results.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a math whiz or personal finance nerd to get your investments right. Follow a few simple rules, prioritize building long-term wealth over keeping up with the Joneses, and you’ll find that you can’t

... more
Binance NFT Review – Key Features, Pros & Cons of This Marketplace
What exactly is the Binance NFT marketplace, how does it stack up against the competition, and should you consider signing up? Read on to find out! Key Features of Binance NFT Binance NFT is a relatively young marketplace, but it's already attracted more than 800 creators and a large audience of collectors to its platform. Plenty of NFTs to Choose From Whether you're a beginner looking to start a new NFT collection or a professional trader looking for trending digital assets to tap into, you won't have a problem... more
Vint Review – Breaking Down the Barriers of Fine Wine Investing

Most people think about stocks, bonds, and real estate when they think about investing. However, there are plenty more asset classes to dive into, many of which may catch you by surprise. 

One such alternative investment is fine wine, a type of collectible that can offer attractive returns and improve portfolio diversification. 

The term “better with age” is derived from the fact that the quality of certain wines improves with age. Wine investors tap into this improving quality and

... more
Mintable Review – Is This NFT Marketplace Right for You?

The blockchain has been the talk of the town for some time now, and as it evolves, investment opportunities are mounting. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have quickly become a popular type of collectible as everyone from novice investors to celebrities and investing pros continues to dive in. 

If you want to get your hands on one of these crypto-collectibles, you need to work with a marketplace.

Mintable is one such marketplace that has gotten quite a bit of attention because one of its backers

... more
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