Megan Leysath

Megan Leysath

Megan Leysath is located in Manhattan and operates out of HSBC’s 14th and 8th Avenue branch in NYC and 3rd Avenue and 92nd Street branch in Brooklyn. Megan has an all-inclusive network of clients that she has worked with in the mortgage industry as well as a broad knowledge of mortgage products helping to cater to each individual’s scenario. Megan graduated from the State University of Cortland with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sports Management with a concentration in International Management and Communications. Megan can be reached by phone at 716.573.7339 or email at

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HSBC Bank USA, N.A. 80 8th Ave. New York, NY, 10011


Areas covered/ Languages

Manhattan West – 14th and 8th branch location

Bay Ridge

Brooklyn – 3rd Ave. and 92nd St.

Foreign Nationals

First-Time Homebuyers



Family Assist Programs

Education & Experiences

Minor in Communications

Concentration in International Management having studied at Florence University of the Arts


Bachelors’ of Science degree from the State University of Cortland